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Spagetti Junction

Spagetti Junction, is a trail intersection,  when I post I never like to explain exactly where anything is, I do this because if you are reading this and want to see it, I want you to research and take the … Continue reading

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Steam Donkey No2 Chippawa Bay Powell Lake

Since I went back to the Steam Donkey in Chippawa Bay after so many years, I wanted to go back to the second one, the one a lot say doesn’t exist, and some say does. I saw this one too … Continue reading

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Mount Troubridge Winches

A couple of years ago I was on a quick ride with some people of the ATV club and we were heading up the back side of Mount Troubridge with about 30 of us, I was in the middle of … Continue reading

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St Vincent Bay Boiler

Sometimes just getting out into the back country with other groups is a great way to find things other wise you would never ever had located. I am a member of the local Powell River ATV Club and two times a … Continue reading

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Murphy Lake

After travelling up a few branch roads, we headed up towards McVey Lake, we had to cut our way in as we seem to be the first people for this time of year, a few hours into it we came … Continue reading

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The Bucket Trail

There is this quad trail in Powell River BC called The Bucket Loop, within this loop are many side trails and loops, truly though only 2 ways in and out here, but its a full day of riding and really … Continue reading

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Khartoum Lake – Abandon Camp

Khartoum Lake, in Powell River has a long history, named after the famous Khartoum, sits beside another lake that is now called Lois Lake, prior was called Gordon Pasha. Originally there were 3 large lakes, Lois Lake, Gordon Pasha and … Continue reading

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Okeover Logging Camp

I was told about this place, oddly enough I have been driving by the enterance to it for years, always looking to the other side. I decided for what ever reason to walk it, which was about a 2 km … Continue reading

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Chippawa Bay – Powell Lake 1978

Ive always gone into the backcountry, years ago I ventured into Chippawa Bay on Powell Lake, I had my camera, my trustie Kodak 110 with a whole 12 picture capacity and went for a walk.  Well first I had to … Continue reading

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Olson Valley Mobile Spar Tree – Abandon

   You all know how the adventure starts, first you hear or read a story, the story itself sometimes is not much, but the imagination takes over, sooner or later you sometimes go on that adventure. The story I was … Continue reading

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