Dodd Lake Plank Road

I took my  two dogs and went looking for something in the Dodd Lake area, which is riddled with old logging roads and artifacts. I have not been there in a few years and the new logging in the area always gives one a different perspective of what one remembers. I went looking for the old yellow logging gate, and with the new logging area I, of course, could not find it where I thought it was. So myself and the two dogs ventured off along some old roads, and we did not have to go very far to discover every single one of them were plank roads all well intact. We spent a good 3 hours walking different ones, and saw many good examples on how they built them. Along one we came along a small span, a tresle of sorts not high off the ground, but still pretty amazing to see what they built back then. I have always thought it odd that they would cut down so many trees and cut them up into rather thick planks just to build a road to drive on, just to cut down more trees. Enjoy the pictures and the video.

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I was born in Powell River, British Columbia and have been a part of it since 1965.
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  1. OldFart says:

    camshaftP16 has made a comment on Dodd Lake, Powell River The Old Plank Logging Roads:

    These are the old skid roads that the early shake cutters used, they had teams of horses pull a sled with 2 to 3 cords of shingle bolts on them down to the lake. there was about 120 chinese working the horse shoe valley and about 90 japanese in third lake area back in the 20’s and 30’s , when the war broke out they were all taken away. This was for the Robert McNair shingle company, my grandfather was the manager for the Stillwater/Powell River area back then.

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