Penticton Trails

Powell River, a town built on logging, a town, surrounded by history.  One does not have to go far to see it, or feel it. Samantha my wife, Jack our dog are always out walking somewhere these days. We come across a lot, in town there is an area usually referred to as The Penticton Trails, some refer to it as The Maze.  This area is a mix of old roads used for logging, to old skid roads to just trails build because someone wanted to, either way, if you were to walk all the trails in this one small little area it would take you 35 hours to hit every single one of them.


And trust me when I say this Samantha, Jack and I have not quite done this yet, we are close, but still not done after 2 summers of walking, we always find a new area. In these areas we find relics of the days when people drove vehicles into the bush to get wood, or just to drive, some vehicles made it out, some did not.



I know as a kid I used to ride my motorcycle along some of these, although to my amazement I did not even know about 80% of these trails until about 2 years ago but I still enjoy them today thanks to an unknown amount of amazing people over the years who kept these trails clear, clean and open.

Enjoy the pictures

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I was born in Powell River, British Columbia and have been a part of it since 1965.
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