Powell River Shingle Company

I am not in possession of this shingle, its now sitting on a wall in Australia I think, sad its left the area but at least I have a picture. Made from the Powell River Shingle Company which ran its operations I do believe at the Shingle Mill on Powell Lake, now Powell Lake Marina and The Shingle Mill Pub.

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I was born in Powell River, British Columbia and have been a part of it since 1965.
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  1. Ellen says:

    My mother in Riverhead, NY, is having her house reshingled. Her carpenter just found a shingle that has the Powell Lake Shingle name on it. Found this post with a 5 sec of googling and don’t know much about Powell Lake. Would like to know a bit more.

  2. John Lelliott says:

    Hi, I now live in Southern UK. but grew up in Powell River and spent many hours down The Shingle Mill,it thrived as a business in the early part of 1900’s but was abandoned in the late 30s I think.My school friends used to live in some of the houses right up til the late 60s. I have many photos of the days when the mill operated right through the 50/60s and even some from my recent trips back.If you are interested and have an email address I can send then to you with a brief history
    J Lelliott

  3. OldFart says:

    Hey John

    I wouldnt mind hearing what you have, as well as seeing the photos, if Ellen does not re-read this I will certainly forward them to her

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