FiddleHead Farm

This although is not an old place in the theme of things here in the Powell River area, FiddleHead Farm still has an abundance of history here, not unlike the area surrounding Billy Goat Smiths area, FiddleHead Farms demise came to a sad end with the sale of the land to someone who decided to log it off. This is a prime exampe of how vast history can change in an area, this is a prime example of the vanishing history surrounding us here in Powell River. Although I realize more still exists of FiddleHead Farm than in these pictures, and I hope others post older pictures of when the area was thriving. I recall sitting at our family cabin on Powell Lake and watching what we referred to as the Hippy Boat go by, it was a large boat, 30 ft or more, and always loaded with 10 or more people, it went slow and it was loud, this boat took people to the FiddleHead Farm back in the 1970’s, we always thought it was a Nudist Colony but you know how rumors are in Powell River. Anyhow the pictures I took I assume are of the main log cabin at FiddleHead Farm, it appears someone took what they wanted of it, floors are gone, roof is as well, windows and everything, so this is the shell of a once thrivnig little community, the weather will take care of it soon enough. FiddleHead Farm is still used as a waypoint for the West Coast Trail I noticed and thats nice to see.

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I was born in Powell River, British Columbia and have been a part of it since 1965.
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