Olson Valley Homestead – Layout Picture


In the previous post, if you read it and saw the pictures you were looking at a homestead, so far un-named. In this post there is but 1 (one) picture and that picture is the layout of the homestead, not to scale and certainly some guesswork as to what certain things appear to be.  I do alot of these general layouts in drawing, and I do them so when I return I may see areas I wish to look further into, and I never post them. This one however I am posting, why? because this was someone home, people were maybe born here, grew up here, an entire life could have been lived here in an era when this was a bit of a wild frontier Canadian style.

In posting this picture of the layout, Im hoping that someone will recognize it, know the real layout, tell me the story of the lives here, because in the vanishing history of life, these are the things really lost, these are the important things to remember, ..  the people … .

If it was not for the people who settled Olson Valley, or Powell River or so many places like them for a new life, a new begining, I can say without a doubt I would not be writing this article on this post on this website on this computer situated in Powell River BC Canada, I may not even have existed. And since I feel like I matter, I also feel that the people of Olson Valley, and the ones who lived on this particular Homestead matter, so share the knowledge and extend their memories, however little you feel you know everything shared is 100% more than we know now.

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I was born in Powell River, British Columbia and have been a part of it since 1965.
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