Olson Valley Homestead

The last time I was at Olson Valley was about 1979 – 1980. It took me a while to remember some things and apparently not much of my memory is accurate, comes with age I guess. However we did find a homestead, it was  decided we needed to go down this one side road, de-activated and a bit steep, his quad of course, no problem, my little Honda Bearcat 350 has a louse centre of gravity and of course I have it loaded to the hilt. So up this little spur we go, come to the end and were about to turn around when we spotted a small trail and we decided to follow it, low and behold we came across a homestead.  There are too many pictures I took so I didnt label them all individually but in some you can see clearly what they are, and in others you will have to really look, but some are the old building footprints, and others appear to be a very flat area, unsure why, and why the trees are the way they are. In the Moss Tree Forrest it gets a bit creepy like your walking into the past.  Any how enjoy the pics, if you have been here in the years past, heres an update on what its like now.  By the way, they came withing 200ft of logging this old hom

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I was born in Powell River, British Columbia and have been a part of it since 1965.
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