Powell Lake – Block Bay Rail Line

Back in the early days of Powell River, there were lots of railroads and trains, and boats, and bucksaw, of those early days not much really remains except some pictures and the memories. Today I took an unexpected walk along a trail of what was once a railway line, this line went right into the mill back in the early 1900’s from Block Bay Powell Lake. Today its just a trail that sort of follows between what was once the railway, the old highway to the bridge that does now exist anymore, and an old logging dumping/loading area, but its an easy walk just the same. As I walked along the edges Im always looking, currently the water level is really low, the water being purged before the spring run-offs, as I looked down I spotted an old boat haul sticking out of the water, so I went down to look at it, I was I had my better camera, my cellphone camera is not very good. With all that in mind, I beleive this is Andy Andersons boat, I beleive this because Andy Anderson had a boat for a while that was steam driven, and I think I can spot in this boat a water-tank, but Im not positive so I will have to one day go back with my underwater cam to see, for the moment, enjoy these pictures.

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I was born in Powell River, British Columbia and have been a part of it since 1965.
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